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What People Are Saying About Us
We believe in giving people a choice. People can choose to use plastic bags. People who choose to use reusable bags are our customers. Our commitment is to them. We provide them quality products that help protect the environment. People buy from us because they know they will get a quality product backed by our commitment to make sure their choice was a good one. 

Wendy - Purchasing Director - Montreal
"Thank you for the quick delivery of the reusable bags - our logo looks great on them! And thank you for addressing our concerns about the lead content. We are happy that we purchased from an environmentally-conscious company like yours. We wish you continued success!"

Frank - Owner - Toronto
"We just got our bags and I must say, they are awesome! Gees. I wish I had used you guys from the beginning instead of ordering bags from another company during the summer only to have the handles start popping off within the first week. What a waste of money on those other guys! Your bags are da' bomb! I plan to place a second order with you in the new year. Thanks."

Janice - Association Director - Kitchener-Waterloo
"Your bags really helped to get our message out in a cost-effective and environment-friendly way. They are very popular with our members! Thanks!

Angela - Small Business Owner - Calgary
"We just love the way the bags turned out! What's more, one of our customers told us today that they are proud to bring it with them everywhere they go because the quality and design are great! Thanks again!"

Sam - Purchasing - Toronto
"I just want to send you a quick note to let you know that I am 100% satisfied with your top-quality product and exemplary service. Thanks for everything you've done to meet our demanding needs and for meeting our deadline on time!"

Terry - Manager - Toronto
"Thanks guys, I can't believe you were able to deliver my order within 3 weeks! Every other company I contacted for a quote said 6 or 8 weeks. The bags arrived in time for our Grand Opening and they were a big hit! I will need to reorder soon, thanks!"

Karen - Communications Consultant - Vancouver
"I wanted to send a quick email to let you know that our ICBEST Conference bags have arrived safely in Vancouver. And the ICBEST conference organizers are thrilled. They said that the bags look great. So thank you for all your wonderful help over the past weeks, for the excellent customer service, and for delivering such a great end product. It was a pleasure working with you!"

Paul - Senior Purchasing Director - British Columbia
"Everyone from the executives to the franchise owners are all excited about the new custom bags we unveiled at our annual conference in Hawaii. It was a pleasure to work with you - your company was able to meet the tight deadline and everything ran smoothly. Thanks from all of us!"

Caitlin - Purchasing - New Jersey
"Thank you, your company has been great to work with! Thanks again for all of your help!"

Jan - Director - Ontario
''I just wanted to let you know that the bags look fantastic.  Thank you so much...I know they'll be a hit with our employers at Career Fair.''

Roberto - Account Director - Ontario
''Thank you very much for getting the bags done in time. They turned out amazing. I look forward in working with you on other projects.''

Chris – Purchasing – Florida
“Great! I just want to say that doing business with you has been a real pleasure. Thanks again for all your promptness!”

Rose – Show Manager – Colorado
“Thank you for helping us make Healthy Foods International such a success! We appreciate all your time and efforts. Best Regards!”

Donna - Office Manager - Ontario
"We are thrilled with the bags, the logos are fabulous and we hope to do well with them! Thanks!"

Chris - Retail Director of Operations - Florida
"Thanks for the quick and attentive handling of our sourcing request. We had a couple of other quotes but your quick response and high quality product tells us that we are dealing with someone who knows what they are doing."

Harold - Store Owner - New York
"We just got our bags and our logo looks perfect. We have received alot of great feedback from the stores on our street and will be placing another order with you soon. The price was great and we didn't mind the extra wait. I have forwarded your contact information to other local business so you may be getting some new phone calls."

Andrea - Communications and Promotional Manager - Manitoba
"We are getting alot of postive comments from our chain of 250 stores about the bags. Some would like to order their own custom designed bags. Here is the list and we look forward to placing a replenishment order soon. Thanks."

Robert - Store Owner - New York
"We just got our bags and our logo looks excellent. I was a little hesitant on getting the bags because I wasn't sure if they would stand up to the heavy groceries that are typically loaded into these bags. We tested them and found them to be everything you said. We should be placing another order with you real soon."

Barbara - Retail Operations and Supply - Texas
"The bags look great. Thanks for your patience during the setup of our program and all the changes. We love the bags and the stores love them. The tested strength of the bags was important as we are in the hardware sector and they have already impressed the store managers."

Heather - Coordinator Fund Raising and Promotions - Ontario
"We just got the bags and everyone here is excited about our new environmentally friendly bags. We are impressed with the quality and should be placing another larger order with you soon. Thanks for everything."

Trevor - Senior Marketing Manager - Texas
"Thanks for helping me out on such short notice for the new store opening. Our client is our largest customer and getting our custom printed bags to the grand opening in time was extremely important. Thanks again."

Lorie - Manager of Strategic Planning and Strategic Initiatives - Ontario
"We just received your shipment and everyone in the office just loves the new bags. We have heard nothing but great comments about the bags and really appreciate you getting them to us on such a tight deadline. Thank You!"

Fiona - Store Owner - New York
"Thanks for the bags for our small one store operation in New York city. We love the quality of the print and the detail of our logo came through and looks excellent. We are having a lot of fun trying to encourage our customers to use these reusable bags. We ring a bell every time someone comes into our store with our new reusable bag and we give them an additional incentive to come back with our bag next time they shop. Everyone here is excited about our new reusable bag program. Thanks."

Kathleen - Senior Regional Planning Manager Recycling Services - Ontario
"We really love the bags and our white logo on the green bags really pops out. Everyone here just loves the bags and I have already got requests from other departments wanting to know where we got them from. Expect a call from one of our other departments this week. I think they want some too."

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